Have you ever noticed how adverse to change we can be?  We get in our routine, our rut and we don’t want to change.  We get up the same time each day, go to work, go home, eat, watch T.V., go to bed, only to do it all again tomorrow, the same way. We have programmed ourselves to accept the status quo.

Not all routines are bad.  Going to work every day, taking care of our family, doing our jobs are all good routines.  But when we become complacent and don’t want change because it is different and not because we think the change would be a bad thing, then we have become stuck in a rut.

To make matters worse when we want to get out of that rut we are hit with all sorts of emotions, fear, anger and embarrassment. These emotions act to keep us doing the same thing.  They keep us at home instead of out charting new lands, new ideas new goals.

When you try something new, it can be scary.  Some people say they can feel butterflies in their stomach. The way to break the cycle and move in a new direction, once you determine where you want to go, is to push back against those emotions.  I call for a new mantra – Stand on the Butterflies, it will either keep them down or they will lift you up. Either way is good.