The Celtic Engineering Challenge

This week is the 100th issue of the Celtic Engineering Newsletter ( I thought we would have some fun. The newsletter explains what it means to be a Celtic Engineer, and it has nothing to do with your heritage. Read the newsletter and if you feel you are a Celtic Engineer, and I hope you do, you can go to Amazon and search for “The Celtic Engineer” and buy a “I am a Celtic Engineer” T-Shirt (Amazon Link). We will be doing 3 giveaways, here are the rules:

1) Buy a T-shirt and post a picture on Linked-In with the caption: “I am a Celtic Engineer”
2) Also, email the picture to me at [email protected] (so I know you have posted it).
3) The contest ends on September 15th
     a. Category I: Post a picture of a toddler (the next generation of engineers) shown wearing the T-Shirt (must be their shirt not their parents). A randomly selected entry will get a $50 Amazon gift certificate.
     b. Category II: You wearing your “I am a Celtic Engineer” T-shirt. Two (2) randomly selected entries will get $50 Amazon gift certificates.
     c. Category III: A group (3 or more) of engineers. A randomly selected entry will get a pizza party (one pizza per person wearing a shirt along with a 2-liter bottle of soda; If there are 10 people in the picture wearing the T-shirt you will get 10 Pizzas and 10 bottles of soda).

Creativity is encouraged; however, the winners will be chosen from among each category at random. Have fun and good luck.