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Engineering is a language of mathematics, at least that is what I have heard.  In that way, at lease, we are all very similar.  There are quite a few holidays celebrated around the world.  Each celebration originating from a different cultural or religious tradition.  Today is Boxing day, celebrated in several countries.  Other popular holidays this time of year include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Year’s.  I found a list that includes 16 different Christian holidays, one Buddhist, one Hindu, one Jewish, four Historical, three Pagan, thirteen secular, and one Unitarian.

Why do we have holidays?

There as many reasons to celebrate holidays as there are holidays.  Many mark a particular event in the past. Others tie us to the seasons and are harvest festivals.  Before the modern age of supermarkets, and natural gas being piped right into our houses, we celebrated a good growing season, a good harvest, a bounty, because it meant that we would have enough food to survive.  Winter was not just an inconvenience, it was a threat to life.  The long dark nights and cold days meant we could run out of food or fuel and not live to see the spring.  In the spring, festivals celebrated new life and new beginnings, and that we had survived the winter months.

It is a break from the normal routine, a chance to gather with friends and family and think about things more important than work.  It is a time to laugh and eat and be happy.

Well Wishes

There is truly a staggering variety of traditions in this world of ours.  I tend to favor Solstice.  For me it is a turning point.  It is a boundary between the days getting shorter, the nights getting longer and the world getting colder and the hope for spring.  Now that it is passed, each day is just a little longer than the last and we are a little closer to those warm rains of spring that will bring a spectacular array of colorful flowers.

Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, I hope it brings you and your families happiness and joy.  May the new year be a good one for one and all. 

The first newsletter of the new year will be on Wednesday January 9th.

Final thoughts

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