JTAG Interface Board 1




The JTAG Interface board 1 (IB-1), is an adapter board that allows you to connect the Atmel AVR JTAG-ICE programmer to a Tag-Connect in-circuit debug cable (TC2050-IDC- NL). The Tag-connect cable is a great cable that allows JTAG connections in a compact space on your board without having to solder a connector. Tag-Connect is available on their website (http://www.tag-connect.com/TC2050- IDC). The cable comes in 0.1” spacing which is great for some programmers, but not for the 0.05” spacing of the JTAG-ICE. Our adapter board allows you to connect your existing JTAG-ICE to the Tag-Connect spring-loaded cable.


The cost of the adapter board is $19.95 (plus $4.50 S&H, domestic destinations only.) Included in the purchase are the schematic decal and PCB footprint for Altium users. These will be emailed to you.