SF-4 Analog to Digital Converter



The SF-4 is based on the Texas Instruments Ultra-Small, Low-Power, I2C-Compatible, 3.3-kSPS, 12-Bit ADC.  It has 12-bit resolution and accepts a supply voltage of 2.0V to 5.5V.  It uses 150µA during continuous conversion mode. Sample rate is 128 SPS to 3300 SPS. It can also be used in single-cycle mode.It communicates using a 2-wire interface compatible with I2C.  There are two jumpers to allow the user to select one of 4 addresses.  The inputs can be 4 single ended measurements or 2 differential measurements.  Programmable gain sets the maximum full-scale range between 0.256V and 6.144V (input cannot exceed power supply voltage). Device has an alter pin with a programmable comparator and threshold register. Comes installed with a 5.3khz antialiasing filter.

When purchased, additional information will be emailed to you including a Bill of Materials, pdf Schematic, board and Microchip datasheets, Altium schematic, Altium schematic and PCB libraries.