SF-6 Pressure Sensor



The SF-6 is based on the Fujikura AP4 200KPa (29PSI) 13bit pressure sensor.  This device currently has a supply voltage requirement of 3.3V.  Other voltages (3.0V and 5.0V) are available. If your needs require one of these voltage levels please inquire for a quote.  The accuracy if the senor is ±1.5% of Full Scale over a temperature range of 0 to 85°C.  The sensor also contains an integrated 10-bit temperature sensor. The pressure port is 3mm outside diameter with a 6mm length. It communicates using a 2-wire interface compatible with I2CTM.

When purchased, additional information will be emailed to you including a Bill of Materials, pdf Schematic, board and Microchip datasheets, Altium schematic, Altium schematic and PCB libraries.