SF-7 Current Sensor


The SF-7 is based on the Texas Instruments INA138High-Side Measurement Current Shunt Monitor.  It has a maximum input voltage of 36V and is designed to measure currents between 10mA and 500mA.  It uses a 0.1-ohm sense resistor and has a transimpedance gain of 4V/A.  An antialiasing filter of 15.4khz is placed after a unity gain buffer that feeds a Texas Instruments ADC121C027 12-bit analog to digital converter.  There is one jumper that allows the user to select between three addresses.  The ADC reference is connected to VDD so the resolution is based on the voltage applied to the device.It communicates using a 2-wire interface compatible with I2CTM which supports Standard (100kHz), Fast (400kHz),and High Speed (3.4MHz) Modes.  It has an out of range alert flag readable as part of the conversion register.

When purchased, additional information will be emailed to you including a Bill of Materials, pdf Schematic, board and Microchip datasheets, Altium schematic, Altium schematic and PCB libraries.